Non-Totalising Knowledge


I cannot resist. A recent call for papers for Drive Culture, a new on-line journal based at Temple University in Philadelphia, is asking for submissions on the following topic:

In a kind of perversion of the spirit of Wikipedia, Drive Culture wants to create an encyclopedia that actively aims at a non-totalization of knowledge. Such an encyclopedia would make no pretense to objectivity, but would instead amplify the subjective by allowing multiple entries on single topics. Our hope is that the more we add to it, the less we will know. For our first issue, we would like to start with the letter “A”. We are especially on the lookout for subjects that have escaped Wiki’s radar. Entries should be no more than 750 words and should not hesitate to depart from the objective, didactic approach of the standard encyclopedic entry through humor, absurdity or sarcasm. Any “A” word is acceptable, but here is a list of suggestions to encourage multiple responses to the same subject:

amputee fetish
petit a
autological words

I do not know if I should cheer, laugh, or cry. Maybe this indecision is the first step to non-totalising knowledge.