Noël Carroll at Kent


Professor Noël Carroll (Temple University) is presenting a paper today at the University of Kent titled “The Problem with Movie Stars”. He is one of the most influent philosophers of art working within the analytic tradition. Carroll has had a major influence on my work through his writings on mass art and the moving image. Unfortunately, I am not in Canterbury and shall miss this opportunity. I would call this a problem with space and time.

Philosophy as Art


Listen to philosopher Jonathan Rée talking about the artistic features of the writings of some philosophers for Philosophy Bites.

Ornithology and Birds


The British philosopher Nigel Warburton (Open University) recently resurrected his blog Art and Allusion. It contains interviews and essays that are valuable for anyone interested in aesthetics and philosophy of art. It also has a great epigraph from Barnett Newman. A sentence that we, researchers in this field, should bare in mind and ponder over at all times:

Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds.