Conversations 5


Conversations: The Journal of Cavellian Studies 5 is out. This issue concentrates on the connections between Stanley Cavell, aesthetics and politics. The contents may be downloaded here:

“The Aesthetics of Politics and the Politics of Aesthetics In and After Cavell: Editorial Comment”, Sérgio Dias Branco and Amir Khan

“Stanley Cavell and the Questioning of the Foregone: Openness to Conversion as a Political Act”, Jeff Frank (St. Lawrence University)

“Something Must Be Shown: Consent, Conversation, and the End of Reasons”, Derek Gottlieb (University of Northern Colorado)

“Seeing Selves and Imagining Others: Aesthetic Interpretation and the Claim to Community in Cavell”, Jon Najarian (Boston University)

“Friend as Enemy: Notes on Cavell and Socialism (Via Makavejev)”, Rastislav Dinić (University of Niš)

“The Malick Viewed: Is there any Cinematic Heir to Cavell’s Philosophical Thinking Today?”, Babak Geranfar

“Reading Silence [excerpt from ‘Skepticism and Redemption: The Political Enactments of Stanley Cavell’]”, Larry Jackson (The New School)

“End Times According to Stanley Cavell [a review essay of Larry Jackson’s ‘Skepticism and Redemption: The Political Enactments of Stanley Cavell’]”, Amir Khan (LNU-MSU College of International Business)

“Sore Feet in the City of Light”, “Cartesian Auto Body”, “Hamlet 3”, Lawrence Rhu (University of South Carolina)

“‘This Most Human Predicament’: Cavell on Language, Intention, and Desire in Shakespeare”, Richard Eldridge (Swarthmore College)


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